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Server: Divinity                Status: OFFLINE

- LvL 50 or higher
- once accepted alts are allowed
- if you are lower than 50 acceptions can be made to join :)

- Forge Events every friday (server time 7:30-9pm) buffs will be put on.
- KOS list soon to be made
- pvping is allowed
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Rohan Background Story:

In the beginning God created the world in seven days. Edoneh was born from the solitude of fortitude. As stated earlier god created the earth in seven days, but the great god gave it to Ian as a gift, Ian in turn gave birth to the five minor gods: Roha, Gale, Marea, Flox, and Silva.

Ian set his creations, known by scholars as "The Lesser/Lower Gods" down on the earth and each of these gods in turn created a race for this new world. Roha created the Humans, Gale created the Giants, Marea the Elves, Flox created Dark Elves, and Silva the Halflings. The Lesser Gods placed their creations on separate regions of Rohan, but Ohn felt this task was too important to be left in the hands of the Lesser Gods, so Ohn created Dragons to divide and patrol the regions.

Peace insured in this early time, but like in all things, everything good must come to an end. In the Human Kingdom, Claut Del Lagos (believed by many scholars to be the world's first Dhan) assassinates his older brother, Penkel Del Lagos (king at that time), and usurps power. Thirteen long years later, the late king's son, Selio Del Lagos, forms a rebellion and ends Claut's regimen. Claut and his followers flee to an island in the northern reaches of Rohan and settle there, and called themselves as Dhans.

Some time later there's a catastrophe and something happened to Ohn. The five Lesser Gods, in an attempt to revive him, decided to kill the Dragons that Ohn had created in order to retrieve the power that he used. However, they manage to kill all the dragons but one. That one dragon hides on the western side of the same island the Dhan inhabit, and uses the last of its life force to create the Dekan race. Due to the constant expanding of the Dhan and the Dekan, the two races finally meet, and clash.

The war between the Dekan and the Dhan lasted ten long bloody years, with the war finally ending in a truce. With the Dragons gone, the other races can now explore past their former boundaries and start meeting each other for the first time.

The Lesser Gods, in a desperate move decided to sacrifice the other races since killing the dragons didn't bring back Ohn. The Lesser Gods create monsters to eliminate the races but their plan backfires. The advent of monsters bring the races closer together. It brings the Elves and Humans especially close, so close that the two start producing offspring, the world's first Half Elves. Rejected by both Humans and Elves, the Half Elves created their own settlement in the middle of the forest of Morrisen.

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